Damiano's Eatery


   At the age of fifteen, my dad left Italy and came to the States in search of a better life. With him, he brought his love for the art of Italian baking, and the goal of owning his own bakery; he came to live the American dream. Although he was very successful, opening up many locations known as Angelo's Bakery, on December 10th, 2009, I was able to further his dream by opening The Bake Shop Eatery (Renamed after our family name in 2016 to "Damiano's Eatery, Inc." Although he passed away 17 years ago, I know he is proud.

   I decorated my first wedding cake at the age of 14 while working for my father, and since then, baking has been my passion. While the art of scratch baking is disappearing,  Damiano's Eatery, Inc pushes through the long hours, strenuous work, and high temperatures. While it is a labor of love, I cannot imagine living and eating in a world where frozen processed bakery items overtake baking from scratch. 


- Denise Damiano

Founder of Damiano's Eatery, Inc.